Thursday, 22 April 2021

Mouthwatering Chocolate Preparations and unique Delicacies to Cherish for Ramadan and Eid

 Eid-ul-Fitr is surely one of the most awaited festival of the year and is a celebration embodying the vast blessings from the month of Ramadan. A day like such deserves to be celebrated with utmost fervor andthus we witness a grandeur of festivities and joys all around on the occasion.

Chocolates are a consistent partner for our festival celebrations and to keep up with the joyous vibes of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr, Zoroy brings to you the best Ramadan gift hampers.

As matters of faith are equally imperative for Indians as the festivals that celebrate them, we wish to treat these occasions as opportunities to bond with our loved ones. What better means to celebrate the bods of togethernessthan by gifting them with some of the mostexotic luxury chocolate prepared delicacies wrapped as alluring hampers.

Buy Eid gifts online and add sweetness and elegance to your festivals

Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr represent wonderful spiritual journeys that elevate a person’s sense of devotionand satisfaction. Prepared with the finest blend of ingredients and presented as unique gift hampers, the Ramazan gift box of chocolates, dates and assorted dry fruits collection sweetens up your celebrations and conveys heartfelt messages to your loved ones.

As chocolates hold a special place in everyone’s heart and owing to the timeless traditions of sharing sweets onfestivals, here is what Zoroy has in its amazing collection to offer for you - 

  • Ramadan Special Dry Fruit Chocolate Bar
  • Ramadan Family Box of 30 Assorted Dates Chocolates
  • Ramadan/ Eid Treat Box of 20 Assorted Belgian Chocolates
  • Ramadan Mini Wood box of Chocolate Dates
  • Ramadan Gift box of 9 eidmubarak milk and white chocolate
  • Ramazan special box of dates and chocolates

A Ramazan gift box as prepared by Zoroy signifies the core inculcations of this holy month and enables everyone to practice the goodness of sharing in this month. Chocolate giftsoffer a tasteful blessing of love and celebration that reinforces our bonds of togetherness and the lavish tastes sure complement the joyful delights.  

Sharing is a timeless tradition associated with Ramadan and in order to amplify the celebrations to be cherished on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, you can buy Eid gifts online and have them delivered to your loved ones.    

The master chocolatiers at Zoroy have prepared the most exquisite Ramadan gift hampers combining lavish ingredients and purely aesthetic personalized gifts. Pave a way for eternalprosperity in your lives and immerse in the lavish experiences delivered through Zoroy’s collection for Ramadan and Eid chocolate gifts all available at

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Decoding The Link Between Chocolates and Love Desires for a Blissful Valentine’s Day

 If you are wondering about the connection between chocolates and Valentine’s Day, you are not alone. Many wish to know about the traditions for chocolate gifting on the day and how these presents can derive the most memorable emotions for the couples.   

The links between chocolates and February 14 date back all the way to the Aztecs. The exotic cocoa flavors have been accoladed as the best to fuel one’s romantic cravings and being an aphrodisiac, work wonders in melting the heart of your beloved.   

While the creative hampers of custom-made Valentine's Day chocolate gifts online are relatively novel, the bonds between chocolates and love date back many centuries.These traditions from times immemorial have been remained by Zoroy’s unique online chocolate gifting ideas and are crafted with love to carve memorable moments of eternal togetherness.  

The sweet beginnings of chocolate gifting as a symbol of love  

Stretching back to ancient Aztec and Roman eras, chocolates as love gifts have maintained a standard for all celebrations of romance and affection. It started at a time when chocolates were a royal taste and a delicacy that only a select few could cherish. With time, the customs spread across the world and now it is impossible to imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolate gifts and hampers.  

Drawing a connection between chocolates and love, it has been proven through studies that chocolates positively influence the pleasure centers of brain and heart while marking an irresistible temptation on one’s affectionate desires.   

From the Aztec eras to the “more modern” Victorian times, the fantasies of love and chocolate gifts have beenmaintained without hinder and it is still today that we find no other means than chocolates to seek a way into anyone’s heart. 

Zoroy Valentines Chocolate - Where romance and chocolate gifts find a perfect combination!  

Serving the sweetest and utmost irresistible chocolate tastes, the alluring charms of Zoroy’s Valentine’s Day chocolates taken a more ceremonial approach and have been crafted into such unique collections and hampers that express a million words of love.  

It is at Zoroy that you get to find the opulent displays of chocolates and romance coming together into a symbiosis of eternal pleasure and deep satisfaction. You can immerse yourself into the exotic wonders of lavishBelgian chocolate tastes wrapped in exquisite hampers on -

Each of the gifts from Zoroy’s unique Valentine’s Day chocolates online symbolises affection, passion, intense love and care.If your words can’t justify the intensity and depth of your feelings for the beloved, the chocolate gifts from Zoroy would sure make him or her experience the unimaginable infinities in your romance.

Monday, 28 September 2020

Share Diwali Greetings with a Distinctive Collection of Chocolate Gifts and Impress Your Corporate Folks

 Festivals and celebrations present an undeniable opportunity to nourish and reinforce professional bonds and to cherish the best moments from the same, sharing gifts is an ideal preference. Corporate gifting is much more than just following a custom.It is a token of appreciation and gratitude for the dedication that goes into making success possible.     

To foster blissful bonds with your employees, business partners and clients, Diwali Corporate Gifts Online play an imperative role. Presenting to be an ideal amalgam of aesthetically pleasing and pocket-friendly creations, these exotic gift hampers from Zoroy represent to be tokens of appreciation and recognition of the hard-work that your employees put into heightening progress and prosperity for the organization.   

Corporate Diwali Gifts - An indispensable present that makes a huge difference!   

In an attempt to infuse unhindered cheerfulness in your festivities this Diwali, Zoroy offers Corporate Diwali Gifts that include custom boxes, printed and embossed chocolates aswellaspurist natural gifting collection.

A beautiful token of your care, regards and appreciation for your clients, employees and partners is sufficient in deriving a huge reinforcement to your bonds that pave way for reinforcing your opportunities of growth.  

Being an apt moment to boost your corporate bonds, Diwali Corporate Gifts Online from Zoroy form a momentous fragment to forge the foundations of a successful enterprise. The abundant gifting choices signified by diverse collections of pure Belgian covertures, exotic truffles, scintillating pralines and irresistible nut centered chocolates will make your clients and employees feel valued and deservingly appreciated for their undying contributions.       

Forget the burden of ideas - Zoroy has everything perfect in store for you!   

A creative corporate gift is the ultimate striving for all. At Zoroy we have crafted unique chocolate preparations that embody the most meaningful and expressive gifting ideas for the corporate world.

With Diwali approaching fast, now is the time to explore the wonderful Corporate Diwali Gifts from Zoroy that sure will grab your attention. With customized chocolates that carry your brand on them and embossed logos on these rich and opulentcocoa preparations, you can experience the next-level customization with a wide array of ideas and creative choices at your disposal.   

Let the festivities galore with Zoroy Corporate Diwali Gift Hampers      

This Diwali, let your comrades have a glimpse of your adorable and caring attitude. Impress clients and associates with the exotic gifting ideas from Zoroy. With a seamless experience to have your gifts delivers across destinations, we let you benefit fromthe opportunity to acknowledge the valuable contributions of your employees and also exchange pleasantries with business affiliates.    

Explore the mesmerizing collections of Diwali Corporate Gifts Online  from Zoroy and impress your business folks at best!

Monday, 6 July 2020

Zoroy Purist Collection Chocolates - Edible Pleasures That Help You Heal

Many years ago, when the Dark Chocolate got labelled as a “Healthy Food”, the world seemed to rejoice and why wouldn’t it!   

The opulent pleasures of these lavish cacao wonders were proven to bring wonders of wellness for all the aficionados.

Surely, the celebrations were well deserved.  
Since the times, we have grown our fondness of chocolate and now it finds a vital presence in many prescribed cures and health-benefitting habits.

We can’t be more satisfied. Or can we? 

Having something as tasteful and aromatic as chocolate that proudly carries a label of health-benefitting food is a pure bliss and the benefits augment with the Purist Collection Dark Chocolates with Sesame Seeds and Natural Sea Salt.  

Prepared by Zoroy with all the love and care, the Purist Collection includes Dark Chocolates that are made from Organic Cacao Beans and contain a blend of Mineral and Fibre Rich Natura Sea Salt and Sesame Seeds promising a full load of nutrition and taste packed with the wonderful freshness of nature intact.     

Chocolate that hits the sweet spot of taste and health boosting benefits!    

Prized in the world of medicine, Sesame is treasured for its abilities to heal with a heavy fibre load that helps the body to generate energy. Blended with the mineral richness of natural sea salt and infused with hand-picked wonders of organic cacao beans, the Purist Collection Dark Chocolate with Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt packs a punch of unique health and taste experiences which will leave you craving for more.  

Such a powerful blend of nutrition and energy derived from the absolute bare minimum ingredients of sesame seeds, natural sea salt and dark chocolate prepared from organic cacao beans will best make for an accomplished delicacy that will keep rejoiced and rejuvenated. 

The ingredientssuch as “Til” (sesame seeds), “Natural Sea Salt” and “Organic Cacao Beans” have been researched and studied to furnish the following healthbenefits -

  • The high fibre in sesame seeds eases digestion and enables seamless metabolism  
  • Sesame has been studied to boost skin health as well as trigger hair growth  
  • It is a renowned and cherished food with anti-ageing properties 
  • Natural sea salt is known to help in optimum hydration and balance of electrolyte content 
  • It is a vital remedy to reduce cramps and aches  
  • Organic sourced cacao beans in dark chocolate help maintain optimum heart function    
  • Chocolate releases endorphins which improve mood

Mineral and High Fibre-Booster Bar from Zoroy that is a cherished and loved delicacy  
Zoroy prepares its Purist Collection chocolates from organic cacao beans and lets you experience the unhindered pleasures of pure natural bliss and its health wonders so that you can heal while experiencing the exotic aromas and scintillating smoothness of chocolate.

You can buy our purist collection online at and have it delivered to the ones you love and adore.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Bean to Bar Chocolate Collection Available at Zoroy

Our Purist Bean to Bar Chocolate collection presents the most organic tastes that let you cherish undeniable benefits. Prepared with bare minimum ingredients, our Organic Chocolate India is freshly prepared with naturally extracted cocoa beans that are just packed and delivered without even the slightest invasion to natural tastes. The Bean to Bar Chocolate India presents vast health benefits as well and with Zoroy you are assured of a quick delivery and attractive packaging. Handpicked and meticulously prepared with bare minimum ingredients, these special chocolates sustain the natural and virgin textures as well as aromas of pure cocoa.

Bean to Bar Chocolate

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Buy Chocolates Online with Best Prices at Zoroy

If you want to feel special to your loved once and finding the best and unique way to express your feelings. Don’t worry, we at Zoroy have the best Chocolate Basket Gift in India that is perfect for everyone and bring a smile on the face of who receives your gift. Chocolate Gift is the best way to feel special to your loved once. Chocolate makes your bond more sweetness. You can buy chocolates online at Zoroy It's easy, convenient, and will likely save you time and money. We provide free chocolate gift delivery in India anywhere and give 10% discount above 1400 INR. You can also find a selection of luxury chocolate assortments specially prepared for every occasion and special days.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Buy Online Ramadan Chocolate Gift Basket Hampers

Zoroy lets you celebrate Eid and Ramadan with its unique collection of chocolate gifts that are available at attractive prices. Share the Belgian delicacies with your loved ones and derive memorable joys with Ramadan gift hampers that you can buy online. You get to find the most exotic dates and chocolates that have been wrapped just to make the perfect Ramadan gift basket for you to share with your beloved ones.